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PS2 R1b Connecting students with industries during early COVID-19 times through virtual, synchronous engagement

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Teaching Matters 2020 | Presentation Details | 30 November 202030 Nov 2020


Connecting students with industries during early COVID-19 times through virtual, synchronous engagement


  • Clayton J Hawkins, University College*
  • Christine Angel, University College
  • Michael Brindley, University College
  • René Kling, University College
  • Cecilia Lawler, University College
  • Jodie Lee, University College
  • Ana Lobo, University College
  • Michael Stewart, University College
  • Naomi Walsh, University College


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Lightning Presentation


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University College’s Associate Degrees are constructed with the ‘practitioner’ at the centre of curriculum design. This requires meaningful interactions with industries for students to develop relevant and appropriate networks, capacity, and insight.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 in 2020 impacted learning and teaching at the University of Tasmania. This caused an expeditious shift of delivery to online platforms. The shift to online learning could have led to a disconnect between University College students and relevant industries. University College academics leading units (coded ZAA) in the Applied Business programs in Terms 2 and 3 in 2020 nimbly adapted to this dynamic environment through inviting industries into virtual classrooms. Across 14 units, 63 different industry ‘players’ from 15 different industry sectors participated in Zoom classroom activities across the two teaching terms. This assisted to maintain and build authentic and personable connections between students, staff, and industries.

This presentation examines the array of industries that visited the classrooms and the living rooms of academics and students through virtual, synchronous means. It elucidates the approaches undertaken by the team of academic staff to facilitate this. Insight gained is shared to assist academics to leverage the Applied Business approach to contextualisation of and connectedness with industries through virtual case studies, storytelling, and engagement.

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