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PS3 R2 In Conversation: Short Courses

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Teaching Matters 2020 | Presentation Details | 30 November 202030 Nov 2020


In Conversation: Short Courses


  • Sarah Jones, Short Courses, Academic Division
  • Martin Grimmer, Short Courses, Academic Division
  • Kerryn Butler-Henderson, School of Health Sciences, CoHM

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Spotlight on Practice


Room 4




In 2018, the University’s Executive Team (UET) sought to consolidate short course (non-award) activity by establishing a ‘single shopfront’ designed to showcase the breadth of the University’s short course capability as well as provide a high-quality short course learner experience. The Short Course Program, whilst still in its infancy is currently delivering 26 active short courses with up to 4,000 leaners undertaking study this year.

In 2020, Kerryn Butler-Henderson (Associate Professor in Digital Health) identified an emerging need to build professional capability in areas of digital health across the healthcare sector. In response to this need (which was exacerbated by COVID-19), Kerryn was able to draw on her experience coordinating the University’s eHealth award programs to create a fully online Short Course series in ‘Developing Digital Health Literacy’.

This In Conversation will discuss and gather insights on Kerryn’s experience forming the Developing Digital Health Literacy Course Series. The discussion will highlight nuancing, enablers and/or challenges she encountered; from the concept creation, through to the course development/delivery, to inform future short course activity within the University.

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