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Teaching Matters 2020 | Presentation Details | 30 November 202030 Nov 2020


Course and Unit Builder


  • Thomas Bosworth, Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching, Academic Division
  • Stephen Linquist, Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching, Academic Division

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Spotlight on Practice


Room 3




The Course and Unit Builder (CUB) has been developed by the University of Tasmania to support the design and review of outcomes-based curriculum using learning design principles. The Course and Unit Builder is an online application:

  • For academics to design and review curriculum using a series of learning design templates and processes.
  • With a graphical workspace for self-paced and collaborative curriculum design featuring embedded pedagogical guidance and self-review questions.
  • For creating schematic-like visualisations of your curriculum to solicit peer review and formal endorsement.
  • With a replicable learning design process which does not require users to comply with a single lock-step workflow.

The Teaching Matters Spotlight session will cover the following:

  • Overview of the Course and Unit Builder
  • Demonstration of the following functionality:
    • Assessment Design- The Assessment Design functionality enables users to design, or amend/review units allowing for data to be entered into Akari for approval. This includes capturing ILOs, Assessment Tasks, Criteria, and obtaining feedback on the design from other staff members within the University.
    • Delivery Planner- Enabling the visualisation timeline across a number of weeks, modules or days. On this timeline, you can drag-and-drop cards representing delivery items such as assessment tasks and learning activities.
    • CUB Export/MyLO Import- The ability to export existing deliverable information from the delivery planner to create a structure within MyLO based on the number of weeks including information from Assessment Tasks, Learning Activities, and Feedback.
  • Discuss upcoming CUB to Akari Unit integration capability
  • Discuss upcoming Course Builder Release
  • Questions
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