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PS8 R4 Using Intelligent Agents to formulate digital connections

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Teaching Matters 2020 | Presentation Details | 2 December 20202 Dec 2020


Using Intelligent Agents to formulate digital connections


Jiangang (Johnny) Fei, Australian Maritime College, CoSE


Digital connections

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Showcase Presentation


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Formulating connections with students takes different forms and can sometimes be challenging, e.g., in a large class. It becomes even more challenging when there are no face-to-face interactions, and all learning occurs in an online environment. Using Intelligent Agents (IA), a tool in MyLO, I have seen successful formation of connections between myself and students; and students and their learning in my units in the last three years. Due to COVID-19, the benefits of using IA have been greater than before. I created ‘personalised’ messages for different purposes, with pre-determined release conditions for each message prior to the commencement of each semester. The purposes included reminding students of learning and assessment activities, congratulating high achievers, and motivating those who received low scores in their assessments. The Intelligent Agents, once enabled, monitor all activities in MyLO and send ‘personalised’ messages to students when the release conditions were met. MyLO analytics of student engagement (e.g., Content Progress and Unit Access) showed significant improvement of student engagement in learning. Students’ responses to my ‘personalised’ emails indicated that they not only appreciated such connections with me, but also became more aware of their own learning (progress, challenges, and achievements). As a MyLO tool, IA can be easily deployed in any unit. Once properly set up, it will continuously monitor and take actions accordingly during an entire delivery period. This tool is particularly useful in units with large enrolment numbers. My showcase presentation will provide explanation of how I set up the IA and examples of student responses to my ‘personalised’ messages.

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