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We conduct research into topics across the breadth of the ICT spectrum and our three strategic research themes are Smart Systems, Services and Applications; Computational Data Modelling and Analysis; and Information, Visualisation and Social Media.

Strategic investments and initiatives, such as the HITLab AU, help us enhance and improve our research scope and output. Our innovative platforms and research topics attract high performing researchers from around the world as well government and industry collaborations which provide ongoing benefit both to our students and our researchers.

Smart Systems, Services & Applications

Developing and using computational and systems thinking involving AI and knowledge acquisition technologies, user-centred design approaches and a range of qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques has enabled the school to successfully apply its expertise to collaborate in a number of applied domains including Better Health, Environment Resources and Sustainability and education technology.

Contact: Assoc Prof Byeong Kang

Computational Data Modelling, Analysis and Optimisation

Through research into big-data driven distributed platforms, data analytics, data modelling and data mining the school continues to contribute pure basic and experimental research results to improve the computational efficiency, effectiveness and security of ‘Big Data’. These approaches have also been deployed by researchers in the school to conduct applied research to optimise decision-making, safety and efficiency in sustainable energy, production & logistics in a number of sectors including marine ICTs, aquaculture, forestry and agriculture.

Contact: Assoc Prof Paul Turner

Information, Visualisation & Social Media

The school has an increasingly strong focus on the end-users and the development of new ways to support and stimulate interaction, innovation and end-user creativity. Expertise in the HITLab AU focuses on interactive design technology including virtual and augmented reality, with other researchers in the school conducting complementary research on games and gamification, visual analytics and computer-mediated collaboration, and on interaction design and social media.

Contact: Dr Kristy de Salas

Seminar Series

Tweets at @ict_utas

Coming weeks:
  • Nataliya Nikolova, "Computer intensive simulation techniques for risk analysis and decision support", AMC, University of Tasmania (June 14 - to be confirmed)
  • Robert Ollington, "Deep Learning and Applications", ICT, University of Tasmania (July 26)

Recorded Seminar can be found at: