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Contemporary Museum Architecture and Design Book

Contemporary Museum Architecture and Design Book

Contemporary Museum Architecture and Design showcases 18 diverse essays written by people who design, work in, and study museums, offering a variety of perspectives on this complex building type. Throughout, the authors emphasise new kinds of experiences that museum architecture helps create, connecting ideas about design at various levels of analysis, from thinking about how the building sits in the city to exploring the details of technology.

With sections focusing on museums as architectural icons, community engagement through design, the role of gallery spaces in the experience of museums, disability experiences, and sustainable design for museums, the collected chapters cover topics both familiar and fresh to those interested in museum architecture. Featuring over 150 colour illustrations, this book celebrates successful museum architecture while the critical analysis sheds light on important issues to consider in museum design.

Written by an international range of museum administrators, architects, and researchers this collection is an essential resource for understanding the social impacts of museum architecture and design for professionals, students, and museum-lovers alike.

Book Editor: Dr Georgia Lindsay, Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Design. Her research focuses on the human experience of architecture, with a special interest in museums. She is author of The User Perspective on Twenty-First-Century Art Museums (2016) and co-editor with Lusi Morhayim of Revisiting "Social Factors": Advancing Research into People and Place (2015). She earned her PhD at the University of California, Berkeley.

Book Chapter: Dr Helen Norrie, Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Design. Chapter 10, Experience and Meaning in Museums.

CONGRATULATIONS to Georgia and Helen for their contributions to this book!

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