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20th May 2022

02:00 pm - 03:00 pm

The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) invites you to the
mid-year Honours Seminars

Friday, 20th May

Attend in person or view via the Zoom webinar to watch TIA's Honours students present their projects as part of their final assessment.

Students will present to TIA examiners and supervisors. The presentations will also be recorded for the Ag Institute Australia (AIA), who will be judging the seminars for the 2022 Student Award at the end of the year.

Below are the two students presenting their highly anticipated projects.

Lucy Cooper

Does water enrich a community? Does it bring money and prosperity to a region? Are higher value crops grown because of an irrigation scheme? Lucy's honours project assesses irrigation development in the Swan River Valley and the social change and land use change associated with such development. Tasmanian Irrigation has 37 kilometres of pipeline servicing the Cranbrook to Swansea region, commencing operation in January 2018 my honours project assessed the social impact of this scheme by means of interviews with stakeholders as well as an assessment of land use change via remote sensing over six growing seasons.

Matilda Scott

Matilda's honours project is examining the impact of tail docking methods (gas knife and rubber rings) on productivity of young Merino and crossbred lambs following lamb marking. The project compares the body weights and change in weight, dag scores, tail healing scores and fibre diameter along the wool staple of lambs randomly allocated to a tail docking method at lamb marking. She is conducting behavioural studies and measuring weight and condition score through to weaning and lamb wool production at six months of age.

Zoom Webinar link