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4th Nov 2021

01:30 pm

The 2-hour masterclass aims to provide potato growers and advisers with the understanding they need to improve soil biology, potato yields and their bottom line.

The presenters will outline how key practices such as rotation, cover crops, tillage, fertiliser, fumigation and biological products impact on soil biology, soil-borne diseases and potato crops. TIA staffer, Dr Calum Wilson will be presenting on Soil biology and disease suppression.

Get ready for the good, the bad and the ugly of working with soil biology.

Presentations (60 min):

  • The fundamentals of soil biology (Dr Kelvin Montagu)
  • Soil biology and disease suppression (Dr Calum Wilson)
  • Managing soil nitrogen (Marc Hinderager)

Panel discussion (30 min):
A panel of potato growers from across Australia will share their experiences on the practical approaches they are using to get soil biology working for them.

Q&A and discussion (30 minutes)
The grower panel, presenters and attendees will share knowledge and experience.

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