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15th Aug 2020 - 23rd Aug 2020

09:00 am - 05:00 pm

This year, TIA supports and is involved in many events across the National Science Week calendar. See below for TIA specific events, or head to to check out all events including virtual tours, online events, DIY science and more all across Australia from 15 - 23 August.

Crawford Fund cropped

Science for Food Security: Making a Global, Career & Personal Difference

Be inspired. Explore countries and cultures. Have a rewarding career AND make a difference.

If you want to be motivated by the work of young Tasmanian scientists or are looking for study,  career or volunteer opportunities delivering global, professional and personal impacts, join our free live interactive 60 minute panel and Q&A during National Science Week. Hear from a group of passionate scientists talking about their diverse and rewarding work in developing countries and how you can get involved too – whatever your age.

TIA is a partner of this event with the NextGen panel made up of TIA students Oliver Gales and Olivia Woodiwiss and Jillian Lyall from Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. The event will be moderated by ABC Reporter, Sarina Locke.

When: Mon. 17 Aug
Time: 11am-12pm
Cost: FREE

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Ferment-Home-Station will explain and promote the science behind fermentation while having fun in the kitchen through hands on fermentation and baking art workshops. TIA's Dipon Sakar is one of the creators of this event.

Ferment-Home-Station activities are being held throughout Science Week from 15th - 23rd August.

Saturday 15th August onwards
Start it off: A sourdough starter making public experiment
Cost: $5 for starter kit
Saturday 15th August, 11am
DIY Lactofermentation workshop with Dr Erin McKenney
Cost: Free
Wednesday 19th August, 6pm
A tour of the Sourdough library with Sourdough Librarian, Karl De Smedt
Cost: Free
Thursday 20th August, 6pm
Sourdough baking Art Workshop by Morgan Clemenston
Cost: Free

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Industrial hemp

Webinar: Industrial hemp for use as a forage or dual purpose crop

Gain insight into a day in the life of an Honours student at TIA.

Fourth year student Rohan Borojevic recently presented findings from his world-first Honours project that is investigating the potential use of industrial hemp as a dual purpose crop for grazing. Watch Rohan's final Honours seminar "Influence of plant growth stage on the nutritional composition and regrowth of industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) for use as a forage or dual purpose crop".

When: Sat. 15 Aug - Sun. 23 Aug
Time: Pre-recorded webinar to watch at any time throughout the week
Cost: FREE

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Rocco Longo

To celebrate International Pinot Noir Day on 18 August, watch TIA's Dr Rocco Longo's webinar "Chemical and Sensory Comparison of Australian Pinot Noir Wines: A Preliminary Study". In this webinar, Rocco takes you through his findings from a recent pinot noir tasting day and the differences he found in the wine from different wine regions that were sampled.

When: Tues. 18 Aug - Sun. 23 Aug
Time: Pre-recorded webinar to watch at any time from 18 Aug
Cost: FREE

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small plant 2

Webinar: Soil Health underpins sustainability and profitability

This webinar is a snapshot from three of TIA's soil scientists working across soil health to help the Tasmanian agriculture industry be more sustainable and profitable:

Robert Tegg will discuss what is and why biological soil health is an important and expanding research area

Shane Powell will provide an example of modern tool used to better understand soil health

John McPhee will provide an example of a sustainable farming practice impacts on soil biology (arthropods)

When: Sat. 15 Aug - Sun. 23 Aug
Time: Pre-recorded webinar to watch at any time during Science Week
Cost: Free

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