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2022 Microclimate under cherry protected cropping structures

PDF (946.0 KB)

2022 Cherry Training Systems

PDF (967.8 KB)

More profit from nitrogen

2021 Cherry nitrogen use guide

PDF (2.5 MB)

2021 Cherry Nitrogen Use Case Study

PDF (1.6 MB)

Cherry tree nutrition & human health

PDF (662.7 KB)

Cherry Nitrogen Nutrition 2018

PDF (787.2 KB)

Optimising nutrient management in cherries 2017

PDF (636.6 KB)

National Development Program for the cherry Industry (2013-2017)

Cherry Road Show 2017

PDF (10.4 MB)

Cherry Fruit Set 2017

PDF (2.2 MB)

Future Cherry Orchards presentation

PDF (8.9 MB)

Floral biology & pollination systems in Sweet Cherry

PDF (5.6 MB)

IPDM BINDER pest sheets.pdf

PDF (1.5 MB)

National Development Plan Update 2015

PDF (510.1 KB)

IPDM calendar 2015

PDF (1.2 MB)

The National Development Program

PDF (316.8 KB)

Optimal management of pre-harvest rot in sweet-cherry (2014-2016)

Cherry Rot ID Guide

PDF (912.7 KB)

Cherry rot risk tool user guide, April 2017

PDF (343.1 KB)

Cherry rots 2015

PDF (366.4 KB)

Brown rot

PDF (146.2 KB)

Crossing the Threshold: Climate and cherries

Adaptation tipping points - climate factors chill frost heat affect yield

PDF (645.3 KB)

Chill and bud burst in cherries (2012)

PDF (365.1 KB)

Cherry Soil Health (2013-2017)

Orchard soil health and fruit quality_2018.pdf

PDF (1.2 MB)

Cherry soil health update September 2017

PDF (841.2 KB)

Cherry soil health, how does this affect fruit quality?

PDF (639.6 KB)

Can improved soil biology increase nutrient availability

PDF (477.1 KB)

Tree nutrient availability and fruit quality in sweet cherry and apple

PDF (519.5 KB)

Impact of late season rainfall (2013-2015)

Effect of fruit water uptake

PDF (359.4 KB)

Building fruit resilience

PDF (335.5 KB)

Arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) and sweet cherry

PDF (709.8 KB)

Nutrition and Irrigation

PDF (1.0 MB)

Calcium and cracking

PDF (623.7 KB)

Cracking and cytolin

PDF (661.7 KB)

Optimising cherry fruit set, crop load, fruit nutrition and size (2011–2015)

Cherry shedding under the microscope

PDF (595.7 KB)

Understanding flowering, fruit set and crop load in cherries

PDF (385.4 KB)

Manipulation nutrition for fruit quality and shelf life

PDF (608.3 KB)

Fruitlet abscission in sweet cherry

PDF (1.1 MB)

Improving marketable yield of premium quality cherry fruit (2009-2014)

Can crop load minimise rain induced splitting?

PDF (479.8 KB)

Cracking research

PDF (714.0 KB)

Improving marketable yield of fruit; reducing cherry cracking

PDF (214.0 KB)

Pruning, cracking and quality

PDF (812.9 KB)

Apples and Pears

Nitrogen management in apple orchards

PDF (433.2 KB)

Optimising nutrient management in apples

PDF (756.7 KB)

2014 Precision fertigation for improved apple orchard productivity

PDF (581.4 KB)

SINATA: Strategic Irrigation and Nitrogen Assessment Tool for Apples 2017

PDF (325.1 KB)

2014 Implementing ASE

PDF (617.3 KB)

Chemical free crop load management in apples 2017

PDF (801.1 KB)

2014 Tree Structure

PDF (504.5 KB)

2014 Biochar in orchards

PDF (530.7 KB)

2014 Irrigating young pears

PDF (691.0 KB)

Export & Post-harvest manuals for apples 2018

Apple Export Manual 2018

PDF (4.2 MB)

Apple Post Harvest Guide 2018

PDF (2.0 MB)


Blueberry rust - new on farm strategies for management _2022

PDF (785.8 KB)

Redberry mite update September 2020

PDF (616.5 KB)

Is it redberry mite? A visual guide

PDF (451.3 KB)

Redberry mite workshop August 2020

PDF (2.6 MB)

Redberry mite update, December 2019

PDF (578.0 KB)

Redberry Mite Monitoring 2018

PDF (992.4 KB)

Redberry Mite Update 2018

PDF (449.3 KB)

2020 Raspberry Crumble Factsheet

PDF (385.0 KB)

FGT Food Defence Workshop - Optimum Standard

PDF (3.9 MB)

Managing blueberry rust in a cool climate

PDF (408.5 KB)

FGT presentation - Blueberry rust in NSW - Rosalie Daniels

PDF (2.5 MB)

Blackberry reversion or red drupelet update 2018

PDF (1.1 MB)

Blackberry red drupelet update 2017

PDF (641.9 KB)

Blackberry red drupelet 2016.pdf

PDF (1.0 MB)

Mould in tunnel grown raspberries, can it be predicted?

PDF (1.5 MB)

Berry Update Day Varroa Bumble bees - Sept 2016

PDF (1.1 MB)

Strawberries from seed

PDF (2.6 MB)

Honours Presentation: Identifying and quantifying the damage of mirid bugs in raspberry (Rubusidaeus) crops in Tasmania.

PDF (1.8 MB)

Modified atmosphere packaging of rubus

PDF (1.6 MB)

Blueberry establishment fact sheet

PDF (835.3 KB)

Blackcurrant variety improvement

PDF (930.6 KB)

Blueberries in Tasmania fact sheet

PDF (358.8 KB)

Raspberry & Blackberry IPM

PDF (1.0 MB)

2014 Strawberry bugs

PDF (605.4 KB)

Raspberry fact sheet

PDF (470.0 KB)

Spotted Wing Drosophila Resources

Rufus Isaacs Spotted Wing Drosophila Presentation 2018

PDF (4.8 MB)

Bethan Shaw Spotted Wing Drosophila presentation 2018

PDF (4.2 MB)

Berry Integrated Pest Management

Strawberry Bug IPM review workshop 2015

PDF (590.2 KB)

FGT Berry field session 2016 Berry IPM

PDF (465.0 KB)

Strawberry Bug IPM Workshop1 2014

PDF (417.8 KB)