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20th Nov 2020

09:30 am - 01:00 pm

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VIRTUAL EVENT | The Science and Systems to optimise your Fermentations.⁣

Fermentation is fun but it can be challenging to control the process to ensure the foods & beverages produced are consistently high quality and safe for consumption.⁣

FermenTasmania, in conjunction with SeedLab Tasmania, has prepared this workshop to help demystify the process of food safety and quality in fermented products. This workshop is designed to help new and small producers be confident about their processes, but will also help staff looking to increase their technical knowledge.⁣

During the workshop we will cover:⁣
- An introduction to fermentation microbiology, covering some of the pathogens and microbial spoilage organisms to look out for.⁣
- Critical Control Points (CCPs) and Quality Control Points (QCPs) in fermentation processes, what they are, how you identify them in your process, and how you control them.⁣
- Applying this knowledge in your production and maintaining healthy & happy fermentation processes.⁣

WHAT: 3.5-hour workshop on fermentation safety & quality with optional one-on-one follow up.⁣
WHEN: Friday, November 20th, 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM.⁣
WHERE: Via Zoom, we will email you a link when you book.⁣

COST:  Workshop - $175 or Workshop + Mentoring $300


- Professor Tom Ross, University of Tasmania⁣
- Belinda Hazell, Optimum Standard⁣
- Karina Dambergs, FermenTasmania

Prof. Tom Ross

About Professor Tom Ross

Tom is a food microbiologist specialising in mathematical modelling of the microbial ecology of foods, which is important science for innovation in food safety management and food preservation.

Tom has written >150 scientific papers and book chapters on food microbiology and has served on numerous expert committees concerned with science-based food safety management for Australian government and industry organisations and international organisations including the United Nations’ FAO and WHO, and particularly JEMRA, and the USFDA.

He serves on the editorial board of several international microbiology journals. He was appointed to the International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods in 2008. In 2017 he was appointed to the International Committee for Food Microbiology and Hygiene of the IUMS.

Tom is energetic in translating the results of science into practical outcomes for people and society. In addition to internationally recognised published academic outputs in microbial ecology and physiology, Tom and his team develop mathematical models and science-based decision-support software tools that are in the public domain and are now widely used by the food industry and by governments in Australia and internationally for food safety risk management.