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Published: 24 May 2019


Symon Jones, TIA

She is quietly spoken, very well organised, considered and humble in her achievements.

Growing-up in Sydney, Angelique Korpershoek had never heard of the small town of Stanley, situated on the picturesque coast of Tasmania’s far North West, near where she now calls home.

From a young age Angelique was interested in both medicine and science, which led to her deciding she wanted to be a vet (research shows most people who become vets decide on their career in grades 5-6). Angelique studied veterinary science at Sydney University, the oldest veterinary college in Australia. After graduating, she moved to Tasmania to work as a large-animal vet at Smithton Veterinary Service (SVS).

While working full-time at SVS she met local dairy fitter Isaac Korpershoek and they became engaged. Angelique had always wanted to travel so she and Isaac planned a working holiday to the United Kingdom where they planned to spend two years. However, the trip was cut short when Isaac received a phone call asking if he would like to run the family farm. It was a ‘now or never’ situation and while it meant the end of their working holiday, the decision to return home and take-on the family farm has paid-off for the couple.

Angelique continues to work as a vet two days per week as well as working on their 300-cow dairy farm at Forest. She and Isaac have four children:

  • Isabella, 7 years old
  • Sienna, 6 years old (pictured with Angelique)
  • Ari, 4 years old
  • Celeste, 2 years old

Working as both a vet and dairy farmer, Angelique has developed a passion for the dairy industry and the Circular Head community she      b      now calls home. This motivated her to become a member of the People in Dairy ‘Pro-Dairy’ Advisory Committee, a committee aiming to build a positive image in the dairy industry through promotion and education.

In 2017 Angelique was appointed as a DairyTas Board Director and in 2018 was nominated as the Deputy Chair. Being a DairyTas Board member requires a lot of commitment as there is a lot to learn but Angelique is driven by a desire to give back to the industry that has provided her with so many opportunities.

While the Dairy Tas board is a well-established organisation, Angelique says there is still a lot to do.

“The industry is well supported, but it is important that we are delivering the right programs, at the right time, engaging with as many farmers and as many people in the community as we can. We need to be visible.”

Angelique is interested in the role DairyTas provides in developing programs that will help facilitate a sustainable dairy industry. Her key areas of interest are:

  • education and training to build greater capacity in the dairy workforce
  • social licence to operate
  • animal welfare

Angelique is keen to make a difference in her role as a board member, “the industry is continually evolving, women make up half of the agricultural workforce in Australia, it’s not why I applied for the board position, but women do need to value themselves and the contribution they make to their respective field. We often see things differently and providing a balanced view can only be a good thing.”

Angelique continues to be inspired and motivated by her growing family, working in a busy vet practice and by the dairy industry she is a part of. She hopes that her tenure on the DairyTas Board provides the opportunity to promote DairyTas programs to the advantage of everyone engaged in the dairy industry.