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Published: 31 Jul 2020

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As part of the alternative to Effluent Expo 2020, an “Effluent Need to Know” webinar was held on 21 May. A summary of the webinar is provided below.

Rachel Brown, DairyTas

Ashley Hossack from the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TDIA) presented some important information:

  • Future re-issuing of dairy licenses will require an updated Effluent Management Plan to be provided to the TDIA every three years
  • Dairy farm licenses are NOT automatically transferred when a property is purchased
  • Newly constructed storages (and storages which are extended) will require a Notice of Completion of Dam Works in addition to the existing requirements.  This essentially means referral under Division 4 dam permit process, involving:
    • Division 4 permit – Off stream irrigation or waste dam
    • Notice of Intent to Undertake Dam Works submission with DPIPWE
    • Approval will be provided within approximately 14 days of lodgment if all required categories are passed.
    • Council application with dam on site referral - referral with plumbing permit (in accordance with s165f of the Water Management Act 1999)
    • Notice of Completion issued in accordance with the dam works permit lodged and approved by Water Management Branch.

TDIA dairy farm licence requirements are summarised in below table available at (

In the same webinar, Scott Birchall, AgSystems Design, provided photos and tips for The 3 S’s of successful systems:

* Storage for effluent - reduce risk of runoff, enable strategic use of water and nutrients

* Solids are managed - prevent blockages, desludging is carried out

* Sufficient reuse area - reuse area at agronomic rates.

Some rules of thumb for effluent management are:

  • Effluent should be spread over 5 ha per 100 cows (without feedpad)
  • Limit effluent application rate to 8-15 mm per application unless tested
  • Limit sludge application rate to 5-10 mm per application unless tested

Quate Lockett, from Irrigation and Dairy Solutions, provided an update on a recent project, which is, monitoring water use in a Montagu Dairy, where measured water use averaged 40 L/cow/day.

Contact details for effluent designers and contractors with effluent machinery are here:

AgriContracting has recently invested in a new muck spreader.

All of the information presented at Virtual Effluent Expo is available on the event web page.

Please contact Rachel Brown 0409 333 381 if you have any queries.