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Published: 26 Sep 2019

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A student with the Animal Welfare Science Centre is conducting a online survey on scale of production, attitudes of dairy farmers and stockpeople and the welfare of dairy cows. If you could take the time to complete the survey it would really help them in their project and provide a lot of useful information for industry.

The size of the average Australian dairy herd has grown quickly over the last decade, leading to new challenges and management practices. Our current research aims to investigate some of these challenges as well as the benefits of managing larger dairy herds. It will also examine the relationships between herd size, the attitudes of
farmers and stockpeople towards working with cows, their job satisfaction, and several cow welfare indicators.

Should you agree to participate we would like to ask you a number of questions about working with dairy cattle. We are especially interested in your views on the behaviour of dairy cows in your herd, how they respond to handling, and some of the difficulties you face in managing these cows, regardless of your herd size. This survey will take about 17 minutes. All answers are anonymous and participation is completely voluntary, and we would really appreciate your help.

The long-term impact of this research is to understand the changing face of Australian dairy, and to inform revised training programs and management practices appropriate to different herd sizes for improved animal welfare. If you would like to participate in this research, please visit the survey link at:

To learn more about this research, please contact Lauren Hemsworth at