Dairy HIGH

Project details

Status: Completed

Dairy HIGH - (High Integrity Grass-fed Herds) focuses on sustainable and profitable growth in Tasmania's pasture based dairy industry.

In this project, TIA will research and combine the accessible and emerging technologies and practices that are driving productivity and efficiency improvements, with the industry's desire to address consumer expectations with respect to environmental management (our environment), animal welfare (our cows) and our people.

This will be achieved by focusing on five areas of work that relate to our environment, our cows and our people:

  1. Nitrogen efficiency in highly productive systems (environment)
  2. Novel grazing practices in large grass-fed  dairy systems (cows)
  3. Addressing and preparing for changing social values with respect to animal welfare (cows)
  4. Regional people and skills shortages (people)
  5. Building capacity in the Tasmanian dairy industry (people)

For more information contact:

Dr James Hills