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Project name Area Wide Management of Vegetable Diseases: Virus and Bacterial
Funding bodies Hort Innovation
Chief Investigators Associate Professor Calum Wilson
Contributors The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, the Victorian, Northern Territory and Western Australian governments, University of Tasmania

Announced in April 2018, this project will be responsible for developing an ‘area wide management’ (AWM) strategy to address high-priority viral and bacterial diseases affecting vegetable crops around Australia.

This strategy will include viral diseases transmitted by thrips, aphid and whitefly pests, and phytoplasmas transmitted by leafhoppers, and will involve pest management approaches.

The project will also be keeping track of surveillance of tomato potato psyllid (TPP), through linkages with other industry TPP work.

The second major focus of the project is on managing foliar bacterial diseases.

Work will also involve developing rapid diagnostic test for key bacterial and viral pathogens.

This project is led by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. TIA is a contributor to this national project and will have a PhD project investigating polerovirus disease of vegetable legumes.