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Project name Understanding the amelioration processes of the subsoil application of amendments in the Southern Region
Funding bodies Grains Research & Development Corporation
Chief Investigators Geoff Dean
Contributors DEDJTR, LaTrobe, UM, SARDI, PIRSA, UnlSA, NSW DPI

Subsoil manuring is an exciting new technology that could revolutionise grain yields in the High Rainfall Zone of Australia and bring farmers more into line with the high yields obtained in most of Europe and New Zealand.

Without this technology (coupled with drainage in some areas) it is unlikely that yields of crops on duplex soils will come close to consistently meeting dry land and irrigated target yield potential.

This project is a collaboration with Victoria (DEDJTR, LaTrobe, UM), South Australia (SARDI, PIRSA, UnlSA), New South Wales (DPI) and a number of grower groups, in particular Southern Farming Systems.

The project aims to develop the knowledge and agronomic practices required to achieve reliable and significant crop responses and to reduce the large financial risk and other logistical constraints currently limiting the potential uptake of subsoil amendments by grain growers in South Australia, Victoria, southern New South Wakes and Tasmania.

This project ultimately targets the development of effective pathways to widespread adoption of subsoil improving technology among grain growers and will be dependent on the delivery of several key outputs.