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A simple water budget

  1. Calculate how much water you have available (remember to allow for some water loss through evaporation if your water supply is from dams). In Tasmania evaporative losses can be approximately 15% to 20%.
  2. List the crops you are planning to grow and the area for each. Having an understanding of the critical times that each crop will require water will help when considering if you have enough equipment capacity to meet the peak demand period for irrigation of the crops you are growing.
  3. To budget multiply the area of each crop by the approximate megalitres (ML) of water required per hectare for each crop. (1 ML = 100mm per hectare of water). See the full table below.
  4. Consider your average rainfall and how much you will rely on this falling. For higher value crops consider treating rainfall as a bonus.
  5. Ensure that you have enough water to meet the requirements of the crops you are planning.