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Bachelor of Agricultural Science

First year offered in HOBART, LAUNCESTON or CRADLE COAST.

The Bachelor of Agricultural Science provides a sound basis in the physical and biological sciences before you specialise in a broad range of agricultural science disciplines, giving you comprehensive multi-disciplinary knowledge suitable for careers all over the world.

Your studies, assessment tasks and learning experiences will also help to develop additional workplace skills such as evidence-based problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making, effective communication and time management. These skills are in high demand by all employers and will serve you well no matter what industry you join.

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Student profile: Kristy Stevenson

Kristy Stevenson is seeking a career where she can travel and use her skills and knowledge to make a positive difference in the world. This is what drew her to agricultural science.

Studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Tasmania, Kristy says she is excited by the diverse career options in the industry.

“Ag is one of those careers where you can change your path so many times, there are so many different areas you could move into. I feel like it is a career where you would never get bored.

“You don’t just have to be a farmer, you can do research, or you can be an agronomist or an advisor, there are so many different places you can take it.

Not coming from a background in agriculture, Kristy admits she has surprised even herself at how much she has enjoyed the degree.

“I’ve really enjoyed the fact that it is a practical skill, you get to be outside learning skills that are useful in a variety of industries and in everyday life”

Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture and Business)

First year offered in HOBART, LAUNCESTON or CRADLE COAST.

Do you like the thought of growing your own business? Or becoming a leader in an industry that’s vital to the future of humanity?

A Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture and Business) has been developed at the demand of industry and delivers a powerful combination of knowledge and skills in agricultural science, production and farm management, with the business world of marketing and economics.

You emerge from this degree with strong business acumen combined with practical agricultural knowledge that makes you ideally suited to running your own business, working in all levels of the supply chain, providing business development advice to industry, and much more!

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Student profile: Will Campbell

Will grew up on a family farm in Bothwell in Tasmania and is studying the Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture and Business) at the University of Tasmania.

After taking a year off after college to work on the family farm, Will knew that he wanted to get an education that gave him a strong grounding in agricultural business.

“During my year off, I heard about the new Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of Tasmania. This really excited me because the course incorporates the business side of things, which is really important in today’s farming and the future of farming.

“I talk to my parents a lot about farming and where farming is going. The business side of things is almost more important than the agriculture side of things.

“I was actually really close to going to the mainland, but the fact that UTAS offered this course covering the business side of things too, made me decide to stay.

There is strong industry support for the teaching programs, which means students get access to the latest research and innovation to stay at the forefront of the agriculture industry. Will says this has been a real advantage to studying in Tasmania.

“We learnt about some amazing industries there and I think that was really important for me. It opened my eyes to what I can take back to the family farm and where the future of farming is going, not just in Tasmania, but Australia as well.

“When I graduate, I am planning to take over the family farm. But the exciting thing is if I decide I don’t want to do that, or my mind changes along the line, there’s a lot of things to fall back on. I’ll have a degree under my belt and the agriculture industry as a whole is a really exciting place to be in.