Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies (TILES)

Postgraduate Completions

HDR Completions (a-z)

Brianna O'Shea (PhD)
The Investigation and Prosecution of Cyberstalking in Australia.

Barbara Stewart (PhD)
Policing - a gendered experience?: the influence of socialisation and gender identity on the choice of a career in policing.

Cassandra Thoars (PhD)
What is the Relationship between Juvenile Offenders' Engagement in Education and Recidivism? Multidimensional Perspectives.

Cecile McKeown (PhD)
How does relevant theory inform a public alcohol policy model.

Cheryl Brown (PhD)
The Effectiveness of Forensic Identification Evidence in Volume Crime Policing in Australia.

Danielle Campbell (PhD)
Community policing and refugee settlement in Regional Australia: A case study Tasmania.

Ebba Herrlander Birgerson (Master)
'A Real Gap’: Consequences of Defunding Tasmania’s Reintegration for Ex-Offenders’ Program.

Heidi Gordon (PhD)
Prediction of recidivism in a Tasmanian population: evaluation and development of community based risk assessments.

Helen Hutchinson (PhD)
My heart is in two places: ontological security, emotions and the health of African refugee women in Tasmania.

Kate Cashman (PhD)
Lawyers and DNA: Understanding and Challenging the Evidence.

Loene Howes (PhD)
Communicating scientific expert opinion: What do forensic scientists say and what do police, lawyers, and judges hear?

Megan Laugher (PhD)
Discrepancies between case evidence and the outcome of coronial decisions in investigations of equivocal death.

Mithun Rajshekar (PhD)
Application of 3D Scanning Technology in Forensic Investigation of Bite-marks. 

Natasa Adamovic (MA)
Challenges Experienced by Australian Forensic Practitioners in International Disaster Victim Operations.

Peter Woodman (PhD)
Impact of Forensic Science on Criminal Justice System Outcomes: How Does Chemical Trace Contribute? 

Rhondda Waterworth (PhD)
Measuring Legal Actor Contributions to Judicial Procedures.

Rosmarie Winter (PhD)
Intimate partner violence: The impact of discourse on a coordinated response.