Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies (TILES)

TILES Briefing Paper on police use of force published

TILES has published its 15th paper in the Briefing Paper series. This paper was written by TILES adjunct researcher, Dr Timothy Cubitt. Dr Cubitt discusses how social network analysis is useful for identifying groups of officers involved in use of force incidents.

This research uses an open data set from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to consider whether there are groupings of officers that more frequently use force together, and whether there are groups of officers that are more likely to hospitalise a civilian. This research holds implications for measuring group behaviour of officers and for identifying potentially problematic behavioural subcultures within agencies.

The Briefing Paper series aims to publish open access translational research for our policing and community safety partners. Translational research takes rigorous academic research and explores its application for operational practice.

This paper comes with a series refresh that includes new design and appearance, a new peer reviewing process, and an Editorial Board of 21 academics and practitioners. Members of the TILES Editorial Board contribute to reviewing Briefing Papers and Briefing Notes for quality, relevance and practitioner accessibility prior to publishing. All Papers and Notes are reviewed by one practitioner and one academic.

The Board includes academics and practitioners from Canada, the US, the UK and Australia with a range of policing and other specialisations. The Board will also drive the focus of TILES publications by working with TILES to identify what is required from an academic and practitioner perspective.

Please contact us at tiles.admin@utas.edu.au for Briefing Paper or Briefing Note guidelines if you would like to publish open access research aimed at a policing or broader community safety practitioner audience.

Published on: 25 Oct 2022