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ELT501 Foundations of University Learning and Teaching

ELT501 Foundations of University Learning and Teaching

This 12.5% Postgraduate unit provides a foundation for study in the discipline of Higher Education. It also provides an introduction to the core frameworks and values that underpin the University of Tasmania's approach to teaching. The foci of the unit are clearly outlined and identified in the three Intended Learning Outcomes.

At the completion of this unit, you will be able to:

  1. Design constructively aligned units or programs of study
  2. Use evidence to support good teaching
  3. Reflect on the role of university educator

ELT501 is offered in both semester 1 and semester 2 every year.

Design focus

Foundations of University Learning and Teaching has a strong focus on the design of programmes and units of study. It has been designed to provide teaching staff with a strong foundation understanding of the constructive alignment framework that underlies the design of units, assessments and teaching and learning activities at the University of Tasmania. It also provides opportunities to develop skills in the use of that framework to design whole units, as well as the component pieces. (ILO1)

In-class facilitation and direct instruction are not core components of ELT501. If you are looking for support and ideas about managing learning activities in on-campus classes such as tutorials, seminars, workshops, practicals or demonstrations, you may find Facilitating Learning Experiences useful.

Compulsory on-campus sessions prior to Semester

Classes for ELT501 start prior to semester. Three days of on-campus, intensive sessions are usually held 2 or 3 weeks prior to the start of the semester. Attendance at, and participation in, these on-campus sessions is a requirement, so if you are unable to make all three days you will need to enrol for a different semester offering.

In Semester 2, 2019, the on-campus session for ELT501 will run in Hobart on the Sandy Bay Campus:

  • Hobart: Wednesday 26, Thursday 27, and Friday 28 June - 10.00-4.00 each day

Ongoing workload throughout the Semester

After the intensive on-campus sessions, study in ELT501 requires continued engagement in learning activities and completion of assessment tasks for the duration of the semester.

It is strongly recommended that you factor in the workload of a 12.5% Postgraduate unit (8-10 hours per week) as you plan your other activities for the semester.

Discipline of Higher Education

This unit requires active engagement with literature in the discipline of Higher Education. There is a strong focus on making design decisions based on evidence from literature in the field (ILO2). This is a core component of the evidence-based practice that the University of Tasmania seeks to foster in all of its teachers.

Reflection on Practice

Foundations of University Learning and Teaching also provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your current practice, and to consider changes that could or should be made as a result of the new knowledge, skills and understandings developed during this unit (ILO3).

Unit Outline

You can download the draft 2018 Unit Outline for ELT501 here.

Enrolling in ELT501

If you wish to enrol in ELT501, you will first need to apply for acceptance into the Bachelor of Education with Professional Honours (Higher Education). Further information and instructions are available on the BEPHHE page.