Tasmanian Institute of Learning & Teaching

For future research students

Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching (TILT) welcomes expressions of interest from prospective Australian and international students, with opportunities for full-time or part-time study towards a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Graduates of our Doctor of Philosophy (Learning and Teaching) program make a significant original contribution to knowledge in the field of higher or further education. They apply a substantial body of knowledge to research, investigate and develop new knowledge in the field of higher education, which has significant implications for scholarship and professional practice.

The University of Tasmania offers a range of exciting research opportunities and we seek to provide quality supervision and a supportive and stimulating research culture for all candidates.

A Doctor of Philosophy (Learning and Teaching) provides candidates with an opportunity to undertake focused research under supervision in order to make a significant contribution within the chosen research area. Candidates are welcome to undertake their studies part-time.

PhD candidates can chose to develop their own research project or apply for a PhD project, when available.

Applications and enrolments can happen anytime during the year. However scholarship applications are only assessed twice yearly.

If you would like to apply for a Higher Degree by Research (Doctor of Philosophy) please first submit an expression of interest. The Expression of Interest is not intended to be a final or worked up version of the research you may eventually do.

  • It is advisable to discuss your interest with TILT’s Graduate Research Coordinator, (tilt.enquiries@utas.edu.au) or a potential supervisor
  • Submitting the Expression of Interest does not guarantee a place in our degrees.
  • Once applications have been appraised by TILT, they are forwarded to the university graduate research office for decision.
  • The graduate research office will communicate application results with applicants.