New QVMAG Report by Lehman, Wickham and Fillis

A new report by Kim Lehman (TRENd Deputy Director - North), Mark Wickham and Ian Fillis was launched yesterday in Launceston at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG). This report, entitled Motivations for Consuming Art and Cultural Experiences: Report to Industry (PDF 0.95MB), surveyed 2,349 attendees of QVMAG.

As stated by the authors, "Our project seeks to shed some light on this issue with a detailed academic study on motivations for consuming art and cultural experiences. The results of which we feel will provide a research knowledge base that can be used to expand audiences and increase social and economic impacts, which is vital if regional museums and arts galleries are to have a sustainable future." (page 1)

TRENd thanks the authors and their research colleagues for undertaking this project in association with TRENd. TRENd also reiterates the acknowledgement by the authors of the financial and administrative assistance of QVMAG Director (Richard Mulvaney) and Public Programs Manager (Belinda Cotton), and their thank you to staff and volunteers who "enthusiastically administered the survey".

Published on: 22 Jun 2016 6:55pm