University of Tasmania students conduct research for Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife

Tourism students leaving Tasman Island

Students in the subject 'Sustainable Tourism' recently accepted a mock consultant brief from Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife to prepare a pre-feasibility study for the potential of volunteer tourism to Tasman Island.

Parks and Wildlife supplied the students with extensive background detail about the environment and history of Tasman Island and highlighted the roles of all key stakeholders, principally the Friends of Tasman Island.  The students who visited the Island on the 3rd & 4th of March had to "Consider and provide an innovative and fresh outlook of the potential for environmentally and economically sustainable volunteer tourism or private commercial visitor opportunities on Tasman Island, part of Tasman National Park". 

The field trip was a huge success and provided the students with lots of data to inform their research that will help them fulfil the brief.  The students will present their findings to Parks and Wildlife staff on May 15 and submit their written reports to the staff on May 19.  Dr Anne Hardy the subject coordinator would like to thank Parks and Wildlife for providing her students with this excellent professional opportunity for real-life research and learning.

Published on: 04 Jul 2014 3:33pm