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Help Hub and FAQs

What is UHack?

UHack is the University of Tasmania’s annual weekend-long event involving cross-disciplinary teams working to create an innovative business plan and pitch video to be presented to our panel of online judges.

UHack is free to enter, with cash and other prizes, as well as mentoring from industry leaders, team-building opportunities, and the potential to turn your idea into a reality!

Whether you are a student or not, enter as an individual (we’ll help you team up) or assemble a team, identify a problem, and pitch your idea!


A hackathon is any event of short duration where people come together to solve problems.

A hackathon is a sprint-like event in which innovative thinkers from a range of backgrounds come together to work intensively on interesting problems over a weekend.

UHack Tasmania is an open, state-wide competition. UHack is open to anyone including both students and members of the public. If you are under 18 years of age you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We recommend at least four (4) people, with a maximum of six (6) per team.

It's ok to register as an individual, but UHack is a team event so you cannot compete as an individual.

Make sure you register for one of the Meetup and Briefing sessions prior to the UHack weekend so we can help you find possible team-mates!

If you don't have a team then UHack will help by assigning you to a team.  Teams will be of 4-6 people and as well rounded as possible, with a mixture of creative, artistic, business and other skills.

Looking for team members: please attend the UHack Meetup events and the UHack workshops to finalise your team. We’ll help you team up or assemble a team, great way to meet others is though the meetup events and workshops.

Teams will need to produce three main deliverables during the UHack weekend: a creative solution, a business model canvas, and a pitch video, submitted lunch-time on Sunday for judging.

The UHack Meetup and Briefing sessions are designed to help you understand how the weekend will run, how the judging will take place and to provide you with tips on putting your entry together!

It's also the perfect place to meet like-minded people to form your team.

To find out more about the judging criteria / process, you can read 2021 Hackathon Judging Criteria (coming soon).

Entries will be judged by the panel with prizes awarded on Sunday afternoon at the end of the weekend.

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool which allows you to design, describe, challenge, invent and pivot your business model.

Your pitch video is a core component of your UHack submission for explaining your business model to the Judges and should be a maximum of 90 seconds.

Making your pitch video

A pitch video should clearly explain your business model canvas, demonstrates your solution and other supporting documents.  You will need to shoot and edit your video using your own equipment (laptop and phone camera quality will be fine) ensuring to upload the final version into the UHack judging submission area prior to the closing submission deadline.

Tip: Your video should not take more than a few hours out of your weekend if you keep it simple. To ensure all deadlines are met, please take into account time required to finish rendering your video and upload to the UHack judging submission area.

Content of the pitch video:

Your pitch video will be viewed by the Judges and used to assess your business model canvas, and demonstrates your solution and potential for impact. The video should be engaging, create excitement, and demand for your solution.

Your pitch video should include:

  • The team: Introduce us to your team, tell us their names and roles
  • The problem: Which problem does your project solve?
  • Your vision: What is the vision for your solution?
  • Your solution and unique value proposition: How do you solve the problem? How is your solution better/different to others?
  • Innovation and impact: How is your project innovative? What positive impacts will it make?
  • Target market: Who are you aiming this solution at? How will it benefit them?
  • A solution demo: Show us how your solution works! What are its core elements? Give us a demo!

Your pitch video could include (if you have time):

  • Market statistics of the industry your product or service will be a part of.
  • Feedback or user stories surrounding your solution.
  • Short term (1 year) and long term (5 year) plans.
  • Financial breakdown of costs including how much you would need from an investor.

Tip: Some interesting points to consider when making your video:

  • Is your video showcasing the product/service and convincing to the viewer?
  • Do you clearly identify the target market with justification?
  • Do you convincingly explain why this idea is needed with justification?
  • Do you showcase why this product/service is interesting?
  • What evidence can you provide or discuss that adds credibility to your team and your solution?

Teams will need to produce three main deliverables over the course of the UHack weekend: a creative solution, a business model canvas, and a pitch video on which they will be assessed.

  • A solution that considers innovation and creativity elements and potential for impact.
  • A business model canvas (BMC) that lays out the elements of how the business idea could be brought to reality.
  • A 90 second pitch video that summarises the business model canvas and demonstrates the solution.