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How to Apply and Application Form

How do I apply?

To apply for the 2022 High Achiever Program, you will need to complete and submit a formal application. This includes nominating the university units (subjects) you would like to enrol in from the 2022-unit offerings.

The High Achiever Program applications for 2022 will open in late September 2021 with applications closing on Friday the 17th of December 2021.

Supporting documentation will be accepted until mid-January 2022 and every effort will be made to approve and process applications as early as possible. Please note that late applications will not be accepted.

HAP enquiries and applications should be sent to

HAP Application Form

Please note: The application form is a fillable PDF. Please download first, before completing, rather than filling in details in your browser.

Please remember that written references from two teachers and signed permission from your school/college principal will need to be arranged before the school year finishes.

How do we assess applications?

Shortly after the closing date, the HAP Admission Panel will review applicants' documentation and, if necessary, contact school referees or Principals for further information. Students will be assessed as to their suitability for their selected unit(s) in accordance with entry criteria and the stipulated pre-requisite or co-requisite TASC/IB subjects.

If the unit is not available, we will contact all applicants and discuss alternative units or the option of withdrawal.

You and your school will receive written notification of the application outcome early February 2022. It is an expectation that all students will be notified of the outcome of their application and enrolled in Program by the time their school commences for Term 1.

The decision regarding your application is final.

HAP enquiries and applications should be sent to

How will I be enrolled?

In order to enrol in a HAP unit, the University will first enrol you in a course.

From 2017, HAP students will be enrolled into the new X1P Diploma of Philosophy.

The Diploma of Philosophy provides an entry award for students for high achieving students. The Diploma of Philosophy exists within the Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) suite of courses and is specifically designed for academically high achieving and gifted students to undertake study in addition to their main degree. The Diploma can also provide entry into Bachelor level study, however specific units may need to be completed for articulation.

Successfully completed HAP units may be credited to a relevant degree (e.g. Bachelor Degree) when the student enrols at the University of Tasmania. Credit can be used for successful completed HAP units studied within the Diploma of Philosophy in most bachelor’s degrees.