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UCTV Alive for Kids Past Episodes

Past episodes:

Associate Professor Kristy de Salas | Games to Change the World

Dr Chloe Lucas and Dr Gabi Mocatta | Curious Climate Schools

Dave McNamara | Drop the Beat

Associate Professor Evan Franklin | Energy Sleuths

Shasta Henry | Can We Eat Insects? (Years 7 - 10)

Shasta Henry | Can We Eat Insects? (Years 3 - 6)

Shasta Henry | Can We Eat Insects (Prep - Year 2)

Associate Professor Evan Franklin | A Whole World of Energy

Professor Gretta Pecl | Squids and Other Suckers

Maree Bakker | Handmade paper crafts

Mark Shelton | Using Technology to Bring Imagination to Life - 3D Printing

Gina Harvey and Gina Loewen | Generation Hydro

Maree Bakker | Beeswax Wraps and Sustainability

Dr Clare Hawkins | Where? Where? Wedgie!

Associate Professor Kristyn Harman | Aboriginal Convicts

Shasta Henry | Insect Tech: How Insects Assist and Inspire Us

Dr Glen Bain | Bringing Birdsong Back to Tasmania