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Workforce Transformation

In many places around the world, educational workforce changes support the professional learning and development needs of those delivering early childhood, primary, and secondary education.

Tasmania's own education workforce change strategy involves many stakeholders. As one such stakeholder, the Underwood Centre engages with those formulating and implementing education policy, and those who design, deliver, assess and evaluate education provided to Tasmania's young people. 

We will engage in applied and strategic research and inform policy to improve professional efficacy, leadership, and innovation. We contribute to: 

  • the collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative measures of professional development
  • improving how education professionals experience and speak about their career paths
  • building to a robust evidence-base about professional development from which those charged with leading Tasmania's education workforce are able to make sound decisions on the future of education as a profession and practice.

Learn more about workforce change and professional development opportunities related to education at the following sites: