Student success

Supporting students to succeed at uni.

The Riawunna team works closely with students to support them to succeed at the University of Tasmania.

Aboriginal Student Advisers

The Aboriginal Student Advisors work to ensure a positive experience for Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander students at every stage of their university journey through:

  • Providing one on one specialist student support to facilitate a seamless transition into the University environment.
  • Working collaboratively to design and deliver academic support initiatives which are college and student cohort specific and work to ensure that Orientation, curriculum and co-curricular experiences and student resources are appropriate to the needs of Aboriginal people.
  • Working with College partners to ensure Aboriginal student retention and progression is supported, monitored and appropriate early interventions facilitated, and that all interactions are appropriately recorded to enable ongoing, high quality and personalised support and continuous improvement.
  • Working in collaboration with Future Student and College based teams to develop prospective student information and resources to support school and community engagement strategies.
  • Deliver targeted Riawunna programs and cultural experiences that increase the visibility of Aboriginal people, history, and culture at the University.

Murina Information Sessions

Murina Information Sessions provides information to potential students about Riawunna’s Murina Program.  The information sessions give Community members an opportunity to come onto campus to hear about the Murina Program and other support services and meet the Riawunna team.

Find out more about the Murina Pathway Program here

Riawunna Orientation Program

Riawunna Orientation Program is a culturally welcoming environment that introduces Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to University. Over a day, we connect students with the Riawunna Team, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and other University teams.

Orientation is delivered over one day prior to the start of Semesters 1 and 2 on all three Tasmanian campuses.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can register for orientation here

Riawunna Tutoring Program

The Riawunna Tutoring Program provides extra tutorial assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.  If you need extra support with a unit, the Aboriginal Student Success Officer will match you with a tutor. Access one-to-one or group tutoring, which can often mean the difference between struggling with your studies and succeeding. Each student is entitled to 3 hours a week per subject.

Students can join the Riawunna Tutoring Program here

Riawunna Centre Study Lab

The Riawunna Study Lab has up-to-date hardware and we can accommodate students’ different learning needs by installing specialist software.

Aboriginal employment and internship opportunities