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Audit & Risk Committee

MemberNameTerm Expires
ChairMr Harvey Gibson31 December 2021
Chair of Finance Committee*Mr James Groom31 December 2021
Up to 5 other members
(appointed by Council)
Professor Kwong Lee Dow
Ms Janelle O'Reilly
Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick          
Mr Mike Blake
31 December 2020
1st meeting 2021
31 December 2020
1st meeting 2021
 SecretaryMr Alastair McDougall 
Chief Operating Officer
General Counsel & Executive Director, Legal and Risk
Director, Audit & Risk

Professor Rufus Black
Mr David Clerk
Ms Jane Beaumont
Ms Margaret Archer

*  The Chair of Finance Committee is not expected to attend every meeting of Audit & Risk Committee.
** The Provost will attend when the Vice-Chancellor is unavailable, whether or not the Provost is Acting Vice-Chancellor

  • To oversee the risk management framework and ensure that it effectively facilitates the identification, assessment and mitigation of key higher level risks across the University (including all entities and activities).
  • To ensure that the University is supported with a contemporary internal audit program that provides appropriate depth and breadth of coverage.
  • To monitor the activities and performance of the internal and external audit functions.
  • To review and endorse the annual financial statements.
  • To review internal and external audit reports to ensure that recommendations and agreed actions are promptly enacted.
  • To facilitate the conduct of special investigations initiated by the committee or requested by Council as required.
  • To monitor the establishment of, and on-going compliance with, an appropriate framework of internal control.
  • To oversee the effectiveness of the University's compliance framework.

For all University Council and Committee meeting dates, please refer to the Planning Calendar.

Any submissions for the committee should be sent to Alastair McDougall, Executive Director University Governance and Secretary to the Audit & Risk Committee using the attached template (Word 250KB).

Please email them to or post to Private Bag 51, Hobart 7001.