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Finance Committee

MemberNameTerm Expires
ChairMr James Groom31 December 2021
Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)Professor Rufus Black28 February 2023
Chair of Academic Senate (or nominee) (ex officio)Professor Natalie Brown31 December 2021
Chair of Audit & Risk CommitteeMr Harvey Gibson31 December 2021
2 Members appointed by CouncilMs Pip Leedham
31 December 2020
31 December 2021
1 member appointed by Council as an external memberMs Katie McNamara31 December 2022
SecretaryMr Alastair McDougall 
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Mr David Clerk
Ms Jo Willsmore
  • To provide strategic advice to Council on the University's financial performance and sustainability
    and on the financial implications of future plans
  • To consider and recommend to Council –
    • the University's annual operating budget
    • the University's capital management plans and associated budget
    • proposals for the creation of new entities or participation in significant external enterprises
    • business cases for major developments or strategic projects
  • To monitor financial performance against the University's operating and capital budgets
  • To consider proposals impacting the borrowings of the University
  • To monitor the implementation of the University's investment and treasury policies and to
    recommend changes as necessary
  • To monitor the implementation of the University's financial delegations and delegations policy and
    to recommend changes as necessary
  • To act as a source of advice and consultation for the Vice-Chancellor on financial matters
  • To consider any matter referred to it by Council or by the Vice-Chancellor.

The committee should meet at least quarterly. For all University Council and Committee meeting dates, please refer to the Planning Calendar.

Any submissions for the committee should be sent to Alastair McDougall, Executive Director University Governance and Secretary to the Finance Committee using the Council & Committee paper templates.
Please email them to or post to Private Bag 51, Hobart 7001.