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Pro Vice-Chancellor (Culture and Wellbeing)

Margaret Otlowski

The welfare and safety of our students and staff are central to how we think and act.

University is a time and place of learning and growth. We believe students should feel safe and supported, and our staff should operate knowing and abiding by these principles. We should all strive to be both exemplars and beneficiaries of a positive, equitable culture.

We work to ensure our environments and approaches honour these values, and do so with a strong commitment to a process of continuous improvement. We exist as part of a broader community so the issues inherent in it are inherent here also. But we are of a view our University should have a leadership role in the creation of a just and equitable society.

With that in mind Professor Margaret Otlowski, our current Dean of Law, has been appointed to the position of Pro Vice-Chancellor (Culture and Wellbeing).

Professor Otlowski has an impeccable background for this role, with a research mission focused on the relationship between the law, ethics and health. She has been a member of the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Tribunal for 18 years and led the development of the University Statement of Values in her capacity as Chair for the Your Voice, Culture and Communication Reference Group between 2010-2012.

In this role, Professor Otlowski will report to the Vice-Chancellor and her focus will be on initiatives which build a safe, just and equitable University community which is true to our institution’s Statement of Values. This includes a zero-tolerance approach to sexual assault and harassment.

If you are a victim or survivor of sexual assault and harassment, support is available by phoning 1800 737 732 or the interim National University Support Line on 1800 572 224.

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