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Need a New Website?

Do you require a new site or can the content can be housed in an existing website?

Using an existing site will not incur cost recovery charges and has the added benefits of providing a seamless navigation experience for users and much quicker turn around time (already having administration structures setup). 

For new websites we charge a cost recovery fee for the initial setup of the site. This includes any build work that is required and the final QA testing and go-live.

If you are still think it needs its own site, we have a few questions:

  • Who will maintain the website? Note that all editors need to complete the mandatory training requirements before we can give them access to University sites.
  • We will need the head of school/organisation to authorise the build of the new website as well as give final approval before go-live.
  • We will need detailed specifications of the requirements so that we can provide you with a quote (a cost may not apply)

Website request

Please contact the service desk if you have any further questions.