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BDC Course Structure

Example Learning Pathway in Dementia Care

Units should be completed in order of difficulty commencing with foundation units (The first four units below in black) followed by those at level 100, 200 and then 300. CAD002 and CAD004 are designed with common assessment tasks and it is recommended (but not required) that these are studied concurrently.

A printable version of this page is available as a PDF file.

Year 1

Foundation Units

Models of Healthcare

Understanding Dementia

Year 2


Degree Elective 1:
Introductory (100) level
Breadth Elective 1:
Introductory (100) level
Degree Elective 2:
Intermediate (200) level
Breadth Elective 2:
Intermediate (200) level
Graduate with an Associate Degree after 16 Units

Year 3

Graduate with a Bachelor Degree after 24 Units