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About Wicking Dementia Centre

Study at the Wicking Dementia Centre

Preventing Dementia MOOC

Preventing Dementia is a FREE, online 4-week course. It provides the latest evidence on key risk and protective factors for dementia. What's good for the heart is good for the brain and it's never too early or too late to do something to reduce your risk of dementia. The latest research suggests that approximately 40% of dementia cases may be preventable by addressing modifiable risk factors, which are highlighted in this course.

The course runs twice per year, in May and October.

FREE Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) developed and delivered by global experts, based on the latest research and suitable for everyone, everywhere.

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Understanding Dementia MOOC

Understanding Dementia is a FREE, online 7-week course. It examines the diseases that cause dementia, how they impact the person with dementia and the treatments and care practices that enhance quality of life across the trajectory of dementia for people with the condition, their families and carers. The course will address issues around the ageing populations across the globe which are contributing to dementia being identified as one of the major public health issues of the 21st century.

The course runs twice per year, in February and July.

FREE Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) developed and delivered by global experts, based on the latest research and suitable for everyone, everywhere.

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University qualifications

The Wicking Dementia Centre is a global leader in dementia research and education, with a mission to transform the understanding of dementia worldwide and to build a workforce to lead positive change in ageing and dementia care. We conduct innovative, interdisciplinary research with a focus in three key areas of care, prevention and cause.

Based on the latest research, the Wicking Dementia Centre offers the Diploma of Dementia Care; Diploma of Ageing Studies and Services; Dementia Care Degree Program and the opportunity to undertake Postgraduate study in Dementia. Whether you wish to increase your knowledge of dementia care, become a leader in contemporary issues relating to aged and dementia care in an ageing Australia, or understand the challenges within global health systems, the Wicking Dementia Centre has a course available for you.

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Wicking Dementia Centre News

TAS Test – detecting the earliest stages of dementia by analysing hand movements

A 5-year grant for $899,782 has been awarded by the National Health & Medical Research Council to a team of UTAS researchers to develop ‘TAS Test’ - a unique computer screening test that can detect the earliest stages of Alzheimer's disease by analysing hand movements. This could transform dementia prevention worldwide in the future. We will be inviting people from the ISLAND Project and Tasmanian Healthy Brain Project to help us develop this new test.  Please look out for your invitations!

Good Spirit Good Life Centre for Research Excellence

As a society, we can learn much about optimising the health and wellbeing outcomes of the older population by adopting a strengths-based approach that privileges the voices, cultures, and perspectives of older Indigenous peoples – and this is where the Good Spirit Good Life Centre for Excellence begins. Read more about this important 5-year project, funded by the NHMRC, which aims to increase the capability of the services, systems, and communities that support older Indigenous Australians as they age.

Tasmania's first multidisciplinary dementia and cognition clinic opens

On 22 February 2021, the Wicking Dementia Centre launched the new Tasmanian Dementia and Cognition Clinic (The ISLAND Clinic). The Clinic will see Tasmanians, who have been referred by their General Practitioner, for assessment of their cognitive function. The Clinic team comprises a range of health professionals including geriatricians, neurologists, GP's, neuropsychologist, psychologist, nurse practitioners and physiotherapist.  The clinicians will work closely with other health providers, including iMed for state-of-the-art imaging.

Donate to the Wicking Dementia Centre

Here at the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, we want to support people with dementia and their carers by focusing on the cause, care and prevention of the major diseases underlying dementia. A condition which has robbed so many people of precious time with those they cherish.

By making a donation you can make a real difference for future generations in the field of dementia research and education. More than 400,000 people across the world have enrolled in the Preventing Dementia and Understanding Dementia MOOCs. These free courses are transforming the understanding of dementia worldwide, educating carers, families and professionals to improve the quality of life of people with dementia, and helping others reduce their risk of developing the disease.

Every gift, regardless of size, will help support our education and research programs. Please consider giving now to support the work of the Wicking Dementia Centre.

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