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Diploma of Ageing Studies and Services

Would you like to learn about the complexities of an ageing population, the aged care system and the needs and wants of older adults? Then apply to study the Diploma of Ageing Studies and Services. This course is suitable for people wanting to or who are working with older adults in aged care, health care or related sectors, such as community-based roles and services.

Course Overview

The Diploma of Ageing Studies and Services addresses the need for holistic knowledge of the ageing process.

This includes knowledge on the social and biological aspects of ageing; chronicity and multimorbidity; age-related discrimination and prejudice; public health understandings; and administrative processes related to policy and aged care.

Globally we face an ageing population and it is vital that our social services and infrastructures are re-imagined and redesigned to support this change.

This course is a fully online, eight-unit program and is suitable for those wanting to or who are working with older adults in aged care, health care or related sectors, such as community-based roles and services. It is the only undergraduate diploma in Australia focusing on ageing studies and services and will bring together the social and health-based perspectives of ageing.

Domestic students may apply for HECS-HELP and defer payment of HECS. Information about fees, including HECS-HELP loans may be found during your application process, and on our scholarships, fees and costs page.

For full course details or to apply, visit the Diploma of Ageing Studies and Services course page.

About the course

The Diploma of Ageing Studies and Services is only undergraduate diploma within Australia focusing on ageing studies and services, with the added flexibility of being fully online. It will cover contemporary issues relating to care and services for older people. You will learn about the many social and health challenges that are associated with ageing. Areas of focus include the idea of 'care navigation', policy, safety and health promotion. Content also looks at the rising impact of dementia.

As a graduate of the Diploma of Ageing Studies and Services you will be equipped with contemporary knowledge to assist older adults and their families in navigating the complexity of the aged care system and the trajectory of the needs of older adults across complex health and social systems.

You could work in a variety of areas including aged care navigation; community support; policy development or in an advisory capacity.

  • Flexible study options are available
  • Full-time and part-time study available in Semester 1 (part-time only in Semester 2)
  • Units offered across two semesters
  • Each unit will require 8-10 hours each week for study
  • Dedicated Student Advisors are available to guide your learning

Articulation: Completion of the Diploma of Ageing Studies and Services would enable articulation into year two of the Bachelor of Dementia Care (with an optional major in Ageing Studies and Services).

Your Course Coordinator: Dr Alice Rota-Bartelink

Dr Alice Rota-Bartelink is Lecturer and Course Coordinator of the Diploma of Ageing Studies and Services at the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre. She is an allied health clinician and social researcher who focuses on providing specialised knowledge and skills on the physical and psychosocial aspects of ageing.

See Alice's full biography.

Course structure

This Diploma is entirely online and includes online activities and peer learning. Assessment tasks will make use of contemporary issues related to ageing and case studies focused on support services catering to older people and ageing populations.

Additional information about individual units, and their fees, may be found in the Course and Unit Handbook.

There will be no direct placements in industry as part of this course.

Course units will cover:

  • Introduction to Ageing, the Brain and Dementia
  • Health Services for an Ageing Population
  • Social Constructs of Ageing
  • Chronicity and Multimorbidity
  • Dementia Policy and Care Coordination
  • Navigating the Aged Care System
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing in Older Adults
  • Foundations of Public Health


Assessments may include quizzes, discussion boards, assignment plans, oral presentations, case studies, plans or reports, and written assignments.

Career outcomes

Graduates may find work in a range of career paths within the community and care fields, in both the public and private sectors. This course provides graduates with the knowledge to make a difference in health and community environments. This includes a range of roles which will be critical in delivering enhanced capacity to a sector which is facing an enormous challenge.

Graduates can also transition into further study in graduate health programs. If you have a background in healthcare, community service or allied health, these courses will broaden your knowledge and scope of practice.

Numerous current and emerging careers are important in supporting an ageing population and you could work in a variety of roles including:

  • Advocacy or advisor in ageing or aged care
  • Aged care assessor
  • Aged care navigator
  • Aged care educator or trainer
  • Care finder
  • Care services
  • Community care
  • Community development and support
  • Community educator or trainer
  • Healthy ageing advisor
  • Policy development
  • Positive ageing support officer
  • Residential aged care
  • Services manager and support
  • Support planner
  • Support worker