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New pilot grant for 2019

Many older members of our community experience poor nutrition which can impact significantly upon their health, wellbeing and quality of life. In acute care settings, malnutrition is reported to affect around a third of older patients. Cognitive impairment, predominantly caused by dementia and delirium, increases the risk of malnutrition. Conducted by a multidisciplinary team, this 1-year project will ascertain prevalence of malnutrition among hospital inpatients aged ≥65 years, including those with cognitive impairment, early during their hospital stay. It will also determine the best tool to identify older patients with cognitive impairment who are at risk for poor nutrition. This will help hospital services address the needs of people with cognitive impairment to reduce nutritional deterioration and associated poor clinical outcomes that impact on their ongoing health.  Read more about the Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation grants here.

Investigators: Dr Emma Lea, Assoc. Prof. Lyn Goldberg, Prof. Fran McInerney (Wicking Centre), Ms Jean Symes, Dr Clare Ramsden, Dr Frank Nicklason (RHH)

Published on: 04 Mar 2019 10:13am