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Understanding Dementia MOOC – a personal experience

Kate found out around 6 months ago that a family member in the UK had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and she was desperate to find out as much as she could about what the diagnosis meant to her and her family.

After trawling the internet and realising there were just too many sources of information and opinions for her to sort through, she remembered the Wicking Dementia Centre and the research they had been doing over the years, and quickly signed up for the free, online, Understanding Dementia MOOC.

It was perfect for her situation, a working mother, with not much time on her hands, with an urgent motivation to find out the facts on dementia. She loves the fact that she can do this online and at her own pace. Dropping in and out when she has time to herself, and not getting left behind because she is busy. The 10 minute videos are like gold to her, as she can easily digest a summary of the information she is learning about.

It’s been a pleasure to study and just knowing the facts around dementia means that she can channel information through to other family members and start to understand what the future will look like as they charter new territory together.

“I found it was really hard in the early stages of the diagnosis, it was really confronting, and this course has helped to know we are not the only ones, and what is happening to our family is common with everyone touched by dementia.”