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Read what other participants in the Understanding Dementia MOOC have been saying about the course.

The Understanding Dementia MOOC has improved my understanding of the condition, the different types of dementia and what's happening to the people I work with every day.

Margie Sadler

What an amazing job you guys have done! I watched all videos and wanted more! Very inspirational people and have made my mind up to work in this field! Thanks so much for having such an insight into this condition. I can't wait to meet equally inspirational people on my career into the field of dementia.

Alicia Louise Sheridan, Western Australia

I loved the course and it will help me so much in my work place.

WOW I think [The Understanding Dementia MOOC] is fantastic. The most practical and helpful dementia course I have ever done. I love the chats and quizzes. The work put into the course must have been massive, Thanks again.

Carolyn Everett, Victoria

My congratulations with this great course! Living in the Netherlands I was very surprised that I could take part in a course like this and I think the course content is very diverse and gives a clear view of dementia. I think it's a good example for other universities.

Lidy Marx-Kuijpens, Netherlands

I am enjoying this course very much. There is much to refresh my current knowledge, but also many insights that I had not appreciated from purely reading about dementia.

Sarah Mason, United Kingdom

Having worked in this field, I wish this was available to all staff in the field… This course is Gold standard no doubt about it.

Debbie Hutchinson, New Zealand

This course is rich with information and being post graduate, I cannot believe it is free… I feel I have learned more 'facts' and information in the first few weeks of the course than many undergraduate and graduate courses provided to me. Thanks UTAS!

Lynda Ferro, United States

Thank you for putting together a very informative course and that it is easy to work through. I was not able to stop and do the course week by week - I had to keep going to the end. Now I want to keep learning more about dementia.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, it has given me a better understanding of how to care and communicate with the residents at the aged care facility that I work at. I have been telling everyone I work with, that they have to do this course if they want a better understanding of dementia.

Suzanne Wilson, New South Wales

I'm very keen to continue with the Bachelor of Dementia Care.

The structure of learning material makes it interesting and easy to follow. I like the way that conversations are informative and there is an option for text version, which I can print. The interactive web feature is a fun way to learn.