Site 1.1 Dry Sclerophyll forest - near the park entrance. 
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Site 1.1 Dry Sclerophyll forest - near the park entrance.
Grid Reference E4775 S52739. Altitude 185m.

Site Description: Marginal dry sclerophyll forest, possibly maintained by the interaction of the soil type, aspect and frequent disturbance by fire.

Distinguishing species:
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Aotus ericoides Species Information Page
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Epacris impressa  Species Information Page
Eucalyptus amygdalina Species Information Page
Exocarpus cupressiformis Species Information Page
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Ecological factors:
Soil: Light brown grey, stony uniform sandy-loam on bedrock.
Aspect: North-West 290 degrees.
Slope: 5-25 degrees.
Rainfall (annual): 950mm
Vegetation type: Eucalyptus obliqua / Eucalyptus amygdalina open forest
Geology: Permian mudstone / siltstone

Vegetation Structure

  • open E. obliqua/E. amygdalina forest to 15m
  • understorey of Exocarpus and Banksia.
  • shrublayer of Epacris impressa, Pultenaea juniperina, Davisea latifolia.
  • Very sparse ground layer of Gonocarpus teucroides with high coverage of bare ground, rocks and litter.

Fire Frequency

  • controls structure of vegetation
  • species present adapted to fire including increased number of Fabaceae members
  • soil and nutrient status affected by fire
  • slope and aspect augment fire


Common species at this site