Site 1.2 Wet sclerophyll forest - near theTall Trees Walk 
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Wet sclerophyll forest - near theTall Trees                                                       Walk
Wet sclerophyll forest - near theTall Trees Walk
Grid Reference E4755 S52743. Altitude 250m.

Site Description: Wet sclerophyll forest with gigantic emergent eucalypts 70m tall, with a typical closed understorey of a variety of Acacia species, and the indicator species Olearia argophylla (musk).

Distinguishing species:
Dicksonia antarctica Species Information Page
Eucalyptus obliqua Species Information Page
Eucalyptus regnans Species Information Page
Olearia argophylla Species Information Page
Pomaderris apetala Species Information Page
Ecological factors
Soil: Deep gradational clay loam over light brown clay.
Aspect: South-East 120 degrees
Slope: 1-5 degrees
Rainfall (annual): 750-1000mm
Vegetation type: Eucalyptus regnans Eucalyptus obliqua tall open-forest.
Geology: Permian mudstone and siltstone.

Vegetation Structure

  • Discontinuing canopy of E. obliqua and E. regnans, suggesting fire events of reasonably long intervals. Canopy 60m in height with a 25-50% canopy cover.
  • Understorey of Acacia sp., 25-30m in height and >75% coverage.
  • Ground cover, 3-4m and sparse consisting mainly of fern species (Dicksonia antartica)

Vegetation Processes

  • successional processes including regeneration events, Acacias role in Nitrogen fixation, Eucalypt and rainforest species interactions.
Common species at this site