Site 3.3 Clearfelled, burnt, 1951, "natural regeneration" 
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Site 3.3 Clearfelled, burnt, 1951, "natural regeneration"
Grid Reference E4666 S52634. Altitude 420m.

Site Description: Four decades after logging and natural regeneration, the vascular flora of the mixed forest has been larely restored.  In this site the rainforest elements are not yet as common as the eucalypt and acacia dominants.  Perhaps the main difference in the vegetation lies in the non-vascular flora (mosses and lichens).

Distinguishing species:
Acacia dealbata Species information page
Dicksonia antarctica Species information page
Atherosperma moschatum
Eucalyptus regnans Species information page
Histiopteris incisa Species information page
Blechnum nudum
Blechnum wattsii
Ecological factors:
Soil: Relatively deep, organic soil well-drained
Aspect: NW
Rainfall: 1200mm
Vegetation type: Natural regeneration - Mixed Forest
Geology: Basalt
Common species at this site