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Non Compliance

Non Payment of fees may lead to:

1. A sanction being placed against your record

A sanction means you have an outstanding tuition or other fees. If you are sanctioned:

  • you will not be able to access your results or get an Academic Transcript or certificates
  • you will not be eligible to graduate, and
  • a comment on your academic record will indicate what type of fees are outstanding.

Access details of outstanding tuition fees by generating your invoice on eStudent. Log in and go to 'Manage My Course' (via My Study), then click 'Transcripts and Invoices'.

You should direct any enquiries relating to outstanding Library or Accommodation fees to those agents. For Service & Amenities fees, please contact the Student Centre.

A sanction does not affect enrolment, access to MyLo, eligibility to attend exams or on-going study.

Sanctions will be lifted on confirmation of payment of the full outstanding amount. It may take 3 - 5 days to remove a sanction upon receipt of the outstanding payment.

2. Cancellation of Enrolment

Domestic          International