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Andrew Inglis Clark enjoyed wide ranging interests including Chess, reading and writing Poetry and Art.

His keen interest in art is illustrated in the following letter to Clark from William Piguenit, a well-known colonial painter whose work Clark appreciated and promoted. (C4/C249 Clark papers Univ. of Tas.) Click on letters to enlarge images.

12 April 1888

My dear Clark,

     I had the pleasure this afternoon of reading your letter on "Art Culture in Tasmania" in this week's issue of 'Society' together with an editorial notice of it in another column of the paper and return you my sincere thanks for the kind feeling which prompted you in writing so warmly on my behalf. Without wishing to unduly take credit to myself I can conscientiously say that in all my endeavour to win honour in the world of Art I have never forgotten the 'light little Island' that I am proud to call my native land, and trust that in days to come - if life and health are granted me - with God's help to still do something more worthy of her - Thank you, again, for all you have so kindly said and written - The Editor, whom I saw today, told me that he would at once post a copy of 'Society' to your address but I will make doubly sure by sending one also.

     I am now at work upon the sketches of Tasmanian scenery for the Melbourne 'Centennial' and shall stick to them until they are finished. They will be sketches in oils, but mounted in the same manner as watercolour, a method much adopted now among artists. I decided to adopt the former in preference to the latter in order that I might make them as large as possible, remembering that they will be exhibited in a court and not in a drawing room. The limited time at my command would not permit of me putting work enough in them, if in watercolour, to ensure strength.

     Will you kindly mention this to Mr Braddon, and also ask him if he wishes me to get them framed here - All that they will require will be a plain half-round moulding. Hood or any picture frame maker however, could soon do this work in Hobart - if you decide to have it done there -

with kind regards

yours sincerely

W. Piguenit

W.C. Piguenit 'Mount King William', 1892
(Photographic reproduction of sketch by W.C. Piguenit published in 'Report of the fourth meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science held at Hobart, Tasmania, 1892. From Clark Papers, C4/J1 University of Tasmania. Enlarge image



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