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Thomas Midwood caricatures held in the University of Tasmania Special and Rare Materials Collections:

Mr Baker - Chief Clerk, government department

W. Morling - he hired boats at the Bellerive ferry

Mr. James - retired wharfie

A messenger in the government resting

Miss Sarah Bignell. School teacher at Hobart Ladies College, Anglesea Barracks. On the School wall was a framed text 'Follow after Truth'.

Mr. H. Steinbach - a popular vocalist of early Hobart. He often appeared at the Town Hall: his favourite song 'Alice where art thou'.

Nicholas J. Brown, Speaker, House of Assembly. 1903

Mr. Barnett - Civil servant and cribbage expert.

Two civil servants in the Public Works disliking each other intensely.

Mr Timothy Julian Haywood - pianist and choirmaster at Hobart. A noted accompanist at Hobart concerts.

W. Watchorn - merchant, Elizabeth Street, Hobart. Senior partner in the firm of Watchorn Bros.

W. Baker - senior official in the Public Works department.

J. Brain - a well-known citizen, a big order.

John Turner, father of J. G. Turner and grandfather of Col. Turner. In the early days of Hobart he had a woodyard on the land in front of Parliament House. It was then the Customs House.

A messenger at the Public Works department who liked to wear full uniform.

William Grubb - wood and coal merchant known to Hobart as Billy. A keen yachtsman and fisherman.

Bruce Hood - very fond of singing songs at parties, his favourite being 'Egypt' - Could not stop him once he began.

Buff Scott - a very popular gentleman of Hobart.

Captain Harold - retired Indian Army Officer, eccentric, lived in Bellerive, had a mania for water tanks and ended his life by drowning himself in one.

A civil servant - Public Works Department.

A very highly respected Government Clerk at Hobart.

Miss Effie Milne - lady help and companion in the Midwood family.

An Englishman living in Hobart on his regular remittance from 'Home' which he at once spent on alcohol etc.

George Wright - an officer in the Public Works Department, a martyr to flatulence and stomach trouble.

'Grumbleene'. My father (T. C. W. Midwood) did not like any grumbling at meal time hence this medicine for it.

James White - Recorder of Titles, Hobart.







well known citizens of Hobart by Thomas Midwood

Well-known Citizens of Southern Tasmania (enlarge) 1889-1890
Lithograph by Tom Midwood from the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts. Click on the people to find out who they are.

Individual captions from:
Craig, Clifford, More old Tasmanian prints : a companion volume to The engravers of Van Diemen’s Land and Old Tasmanian prints.Launceston [Tas.] : Foot & Playsted, 1983

1. John Callaghan, butcher, 33 Morrison Street, Hobart,.

john callaghan butcher

2. Unidentified young man on a ladder marked Promotion, placed over the door marked Drafting Room, winds the clock of the Public Works Department . Titled Elevation of a Promising Draftsman.

public works department employee

3. William Waters Eldridge (c. 1850-1933) appointed Government Architect 1879, in private practice, Hobart 1894. He designed the Hobart Technical College. He is portrayed as a striding figure with a pair of compasses on his right.

government architect

4. Haughton Forrest (1826-1925) the most prolific local artist of his day and previously captain in the 31st Light Infantry.

haughton forres

5. Thomas Dewhurst Jennings (1824-90), licensee of the ‘Derwent Inn’, Risdon Ferry, and the ‘Harvest Home’, New Town Road.

6. Unidentified tall thin man with umbrella under his arm and a monocle.

7. Philip Oakley Fysh (1835-1919), established P.O. Fysh & Co., merchants. Politician – colonial, 1866-98; federal 1901-10, sometime Premier and Agent-General

8. William Duffy, appointed in 1883 as Engineer of Roads, Department of Lands and Works.

william duffy

9 Alfred Page (c.1843-1911) prominent racing man and politician.

Second Row

10. Bernard Shaw (1836-1910) first cousin of the famous dramatist, born at Swansea, had a long career in the Tasmanian Civil Service and served from 1886 as Commissioner of Police and Sheriff.

Bernard Shaw

11. Charles Dillon (1820-1907), a well known figure on the Derwent from the mid-forties till just before his death, when he retired the oldest ferryman in Tasmania.

Charles Dillon

12. Rev. George Banks Smith (c. 1827-1902) incumbent of St. George’s church, Battery Point, 1852-1902, and the last Colonial Chaplain.

Reverend George Banks Smith

13.Unidentified elderly gentleman with flowing whiskers, an umbrella under his arm.

14. Thomas Elmslie Hewitt (1832-1911) also known as ‘Peg-leg Hewitt’ who lost a leg in an accident at twenty, became senior clerk in the Customs Department and Midwood’s father-in –law.

15. Captain Thomas Moore Fisher (1851-1909), shipowner and timber merchant (Facy & Fisher), warden and sometime master warden, Marine Board of Hobart and MLC for Huon 1905-9.

Third Row
16. Bolton Stafford Bird, MHA 1882-1903, 1904-9; MLC 1909-24: CMG 1920.

17. Joseph Bidencope (c.1837-1915), tailor and hatter, founded the business which bore his name.

18. Charles Eagle Knight (1827-93) jam manufacturer, fruit exporter and hop broker, Hobart.

19. William Langford licensee of the ‘Theatre Royal” 1890.

William Langford

20. William Sorell (1834-1901), son of William Sorell, Registrar of the Supreme Court and grandson of the Lieutenant - Governor. Known as ‘Quacker’.

William Sorell

21. Henry Hart licensee of the ‘Dr. Syntax’, Sandy Bay Road, in 1890.

Dr Syntax

22. Unidentified clerical gentleman.

23. Unidentified elderly man, his hands together as in prayer, sitting on a stool.

Fourth Row

24. Unidentified female.

25. John George Shield (c. 1853-1926) Inspector of Public Buildings 1879 and mayor of Hobart 1918-9.

john george shield

26. Unidentified man with drooping moustache.

27. Thomas Sheehy (1841-1913) legal practitioner 1865, author of Retrospect of Cricket (1870).

28. Unidentified man with cross-cut saw .

29. William John Watchorn (1855-1914) of Watchorn Bros, merchants, elected to the Marine Board of Hobart, 1885 and sometime Master Warden.

william john watchorn

30. Unidentified seated man holding a cup captioned I.O.G.T. (Independent Order of Good Templars).

31. Unidentified ragged man striding with a stick.

bellerive drinking fountain
'Bellerive Drinking Fountain' 1890 (Held in the W. L. Crowther Library, State Library of Tasmania)

caricature caricature
Two of the last caricatures drawn by Midwood before his death in 1912, depicting 'Casey' and 'Cassidy', from the Weekly Courier, 19 September, 1912, Hobart, Tasmania (held in the State Archives Office of Tasmania).

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