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Donated to the University of Tasmania Archives by Miss O. M. Pink in 1973

Approximately 200 sketches, mainly in pencil and crayon, made by Olive Muriel Pink of flowers found in the north of South Australia, Central and North Australia. The majority were made between June and December 1930, after a five year drought in Central Australia had broken earlier that year, at various places along the railway between Port Augusta and Alice Springs, especially Beltana, Callanna Reservoir and Edwards Creek in South Australia and Finke, Horseshoe Bend and Rodinga in the Northern Territory, and a few in Darwin, the McDonnell Ranges and one near The Granites. Later sketches were made in various parts of Australia between 1931 and 1960, but often without a note of the place and date. The sketches were often hurriedly made on pieces of thin, cheap paper, or even pieces of carboard or brown paper. Some were coloured with crayon and a few more finished drawings were coloured with water colours.

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Port Augusta - Alice Springs - Darwin - July - December 1930

Sketches made along the railway between Quorn and Alice Springs at places where railway workers reported flowers and in Darwin.

Places include:

  1. Beltana, Flinders Ranges, South Australia 17.7.30 - 19.7.30
    (9 sketches in pencil and crayon, 3 water coloured)
  2. Callanna Reservoir and Marree, S.A. 20-22 July 1930
    (7 sketches)
  3. Edwards Creek, S.A. and Wire Creek 25.7.30 - 13.8.30
    (25 sketches, pencil and crayon, a few water coloured)
  4. The Finke, N.T. 31.8.30 - 4.9.30
    (5 sketches)
  5. Horseshoe Bend, N.T. 8.9.30 - 13.9.30
    (11 sketches)
  6. Rodinga, N.T. 13-19.9.30
    (11 sketches)
  7. Darwin, N.T. 26-29.10.30
    Also a few between Darwin and Birdum (11 sketches)
  8. McDonnell Ranges 'Tortunga Quatcha' 26.11.30 - 4.12.30
    (11 sketches)
  9. 'Near Granites', N.T. No Date
    (1 sketch)
  10. Jay Creek 26-27.12.30
    (4 sketches)
  11. 13 sketches without date or place but probably made on the same trip.
Western Australia 1912
(3 drawings, pencil and water colour)
Queensland 1925,1926
(3 sketches, pencil and watercolour)
Miscellaneous sketches 1930, 1934, 1936-7
Including Farina, S.A., Jilla, Aileron Station, N.T.
(15 sketches)
Miscellaneous sketches 1941-1949
Rough sketches, mainly unidentified, but including Alice Springs, Thompsons R. H. and other parts of Australia.
(22 sketches)
Sketches and drawings 1957-1960
Pencil and water colour drawings and sketches, including one entitled 'Arid Regions (of Australia), Native Flora Reserve, Alice Springs, 1958. One of 'Spinifex Snow' from Aileron Station, 1960, and others of Central Australia, and many unidentified.
(44 sketches)
Map of Northern Territory, 1934
Map: 'Sketch plan of Thompson's R.H. (Rock Hole) Locality", 1944
'Enlarged from Aero sheet F.6, scale 5 miles:1 inch'. Shows The Granites, Mt. Davidson, Mt. Solitaire, Mt. Gordon and a square of 25 sq. miles inlcuding Bubinna 'permit to occupy O.M.Pink".
(linen, traced plan)
Map showing the distribution fo Aboriginal Tribes in Australia by Norman Tindale, 50 miles:1 inch - 1940
Exhibition notice - no date.
Handwritten notice describing drawings made between June and December 1930 'after five years of drought had ended at beginning of that year in Central Australia...they were merely my own pencil records of one section of the many wonders of Nature in the interior of this continent...'
Pencil sketch map, unidentified - no date.
On large piece of cartridge paper.

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