MONIMIACEAE Atherosperma moschatum

Atherosperma moschatumAtherosperma moschatum

Distinguishing features: "Sassafras". Very common lowland rainforest tree, uncommon in subalpine areas. Leaves about 3 - 7 cm long, in opposite pairs, light green above, whitish green below (not obviously hairy), ovate, mostly with acute teeth, sometimes sparsely toothed or entire. Very aromatic when crushed (like sassafras)
Sites Found: 
1.2 Wet sclerophyll forest
Site 1.4 Mixed forest
Site 2.4 Mixed Forest
Site 2.5 Rainforest
Site 3.2 Clearfelled
Site 3.3 Clearfelled
Site 3.4 Selective logging

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