Key to Tasmanian Dicots

1. *Euphorbia peplus
2. Amperea xiphoclada (female)
3. Beyeria viscosa
4. Ricinocarpos pinifolius
5.  Beyeria viscosa

* introduced species

The Euphorbiaceae was recently split into several families. The species retained within the family are quite disparate and occur in many habitats, and include native shrubs and herbs each as well as the common naturalised herbs in the genus Euphorbia. The flowers are unisexual, with superior ovaries that are usually three lobed. The flowers range from extremely reduced (e.g. Euphorbia, Amperea) to large and obvious (e.g. Ricinocarpos) with intermediates (e.g. Beyeria).

Of the other genera previously included in Euphorbiaceae, Micrantheum is now in Picrodendraceae, but Oreoporanthera, Phyllanthus, Poranthera, Pseudanthus are now in Phyllanthaceae.

Key to Genera
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List of Genera