Key to Tasmanian Dicots

1. Micrantheum serpentinum
2.  Micrantheum hexandrum

PICRODENDRACEAE (formerly known as part of Euphorbiaceae) 3:629
The Picrodendraceae is a small family characterised by having only one perianth whorl and ovaries with two ovules per carpel. The only genus in Tasmania is Micrantheum, with two species. These species have very distinctive leaves in alternate clusters of three. It is likely that two of the three leaves in the cluster are leaf-like stipules. The plant is dioecious (i.e. with separate male and female plants).

Of the other genera previously included in Euphorbiaceae, Amperea, Bertya, Beyeria, Chamaesyce, Euphorbia, Ricinocarpus are retained in Euphorbiaceae, but Oreoporanthera, Phyllanthus, Poranthera, Pseudanthus are now included in Phyllanthaceae.


The Species
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